Human connection is the bond that heals

Mary Beth Del Balzo, LCSW, CHt, Psychotherapist, helps people seek and find the joy that eludes them, helping to empower individuals through talk therapy and integrated holistic modalities. The therapeutic relationship offers the opportunity to consider and practice a new lens on the world. Human connection is the bond that heals.

Mary Beth is founder of the Counseling Center at The College of Westchester in White Plains, NY and has a private practice in Bergen County, New Jersey.

Hypnosis and work in the subconscious is the eye to the soul. Mary Beth is an expert in hypnotherapy with advanced hypnosis certifications, and is staff hypnotherapist for several doctors’ practices. Mary Beth is a Medicare provider.

• Therapeutic specializations include:
• Adolescent and young adult transitions
• Weight issues
• Grief and illness counseling
• Anxiety, depression, trauma and stress
• Women’s issues

A resource for:
• Eating disorders
• Addictions
• Hospice
• Hypnosis specialties include:
• Weight issues
• Smoking cessation
• Joyful childbirth
• Pain management

Individual session charge is $200 and is subject to change. Email or 201-292-5167.